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Project Summary

We were approached by Keystone Ink Company to do a complete rebrand, stationery and website design for their newly formed company, Cabstone Ink Company. Through research and many variations, the Cabstone brand was created and refined until completion.

Client Info

  • Cabstone Ink Company
  • Cabstone Ink Company
  • Cabstone Ink Company
  • Cabstone Ink Company

The Goal

To create a professional, cohesive and strong branding experience for Cabstone Ink.

The Idea

As an ink manufacturing company, the brand needed to be colorful and striking, utilizing the standard CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) color model within both the logo and the branding.

The Result

A solid, visually recognizable brand successfully conveying the same high standards in the branding as the quality of their products.

The Statistics

A well-received branding and identity among both existing and newly acquired clients.

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